Wednesday, August 11, 2010

August 10

Quite a horrific day as you'd say. I was expecting a day similar to this, where all, and I mean ALL flips are going to the wrong direction. Most of the 80-20 also lost. So it's staggeringly bad day overall. You know, there should be a day when my profit and All-in EV lines will look almost the same. And clearly today was the day when they waaaay closer than I expected :D So overall - I need to man up and grind even more during this week to erase my loss over a month and especially today.

Today: 2963 hands, -30.54$ (~6 BI lower than EV line, lol. I should've been break-even according to that)

Month: 24272 hands, -86.16$


  1. Hi,

    How are you VPIP/PFR? And also 3bet? I'm just curious about it.

    Regarding the'll be back on track. Variance is normal. :-)

    Keep it fun!

  2. Hey,

    Wrote a new post about my stats :) Yeah, I know, variance will struck from time to time... I'll just keep grinding, lol.

    Good luck to you!