Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thoughts on Running Bad

Geez, I've found one hell of an article that almost every poker player should read, especially those, who are just starting to look more seriously to poker. The main quote would probably be this:

1. Find a poker game that you can beat consistently(this is obviously the tough part, and this blog is aimed mainly at those who have already accomplished this)

2. Make sure you're bankrolled properly for the game

3. Shut up about running badly because honestly nobody cares. Man the **** up, and just get over it. If you're following step #2 then no downswing should ever truly matter.

4. Work your ass off

5. Profit
The full article is HERE. You'll thank me later for showing you this. Now I'll be really starting to work my ass off. Seriously.
Cheers, now I'm off for today...

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