Thursday, August 5, 2010

August aims

So, what is the poker blog without aims. And the aims of this month are:

1. Hold the winning rate of at least 5 ptbb/100 hands.
2. Play at least 70000 hands.
3. Collect some FPP's and play those 280 FPP hyper-turbo Sunday 1/4 Million 6-max SnG's, win some money and collect some $$$ by unregistering and selling T$. I would like to collect ~50-60$ from that. No MTT's at all.
4. Watch some videos. Yeah, torrentzzz...
5. Maybe record a video (?) ._.
6. Start playing 15 tables.

Cheers... Let's grind up... You can always track me on PTR just right here.

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