Monday, August 9, 2010

August 8

Lol, sick day. I've started the day with a great heater - been hitting all sets, had big overpairs etc. (obv, some coolers...) - that was during my first session. After that - all went totally wrong in the next two. Couldn't hit anything at all, some steals gone bad, being rivered and called down. Sucks. And that doesn't show up in my EV graph, which still sucks. All in all, run quite bad today. So bad, that I've even tried one MTT (that PS all stars tournament, 10+1$ buy in, 11k added) and obv with all my tournament luck I was all in on the flp with my top two pair against a set. Woohoo. So lost quite a bit, I hope I can get some of that back tomorrow.

P.S. I've watched wonderful videos of Phil Galfond's "Phylosophy" series. Learned a probe bet and a triple deke tactics. Helped to win some big pots. I'd recommend you watched that :)

Today: 3665 hands, -7.04$
Month: 17074 hands, -67.66$

Running +7.65 ptbb/100!

Cheers! Just have to man up and grind...


  1. Hi there,

    Nice volume man. How many tables do you play?
    Can you focus? I tried also 12+ but I couldn't keep myself focused on action. I became a nit and my play was very exploitable. And also I lost a lot of money.

    Hope this is not your case also. I saw that you manage till now.

    Happy grinding :-)!

  2. Hey,

    I play 14-16 tables, 3 sessions of ~1hour long. Nah, that's not that bad, I use that script I posted one post earlier and it's manageable. I tighten up to sth like 18/16 and try to play for value, adding some bluffs to that (as you see from my red line, lol...) and try to get money from fish at NL5. I'll play a lot less tables of NL10 after I level up for a while and after some time I'll try to add more as I get used to tightness of the regs there.

    Good luck to you too :)