Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Stats...How the hell do I play?

Here it goes. As a 6-max player I'm probably a little bit too tight. 18.9% VPIP with 16.1% PFR and 6.1% 3bet. Yeah, I probably 3bet too much, but I'm trying to 3bet weaker players in position and only 3bet OOP when I have AQ+, TT+. That works ~ 40% (my 3bet success) and I think more than 60% time I'm taking it down with a Cbet. You know, people don't like to fold too much to the 3bets @ NL5 :D Sometimes you'll see fishes stacking off with sth like A7s, when they call your 3bet OOP and flop an Ace... I'm a little bit too aggressive (is 4.14 rating a little bit off charts?..) and I certainly hate loosing pots to some 67/5 fishes when they call your 3 barrel bluff on a board of QsTs9dKsAd with 8c9c. Lol. So any critique or suggestions?

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