Tuesday, August 10, 2010

August 9

Lol, after last day I've begun today with a quite a nice run of +5 BI over first ~1000 hands. Cool? Not. After that I've experienced a terrible downswing of -5 BI over the next ~1300 hands (2nd session) and it continued to somewhat till ~2800 hands. I was in red again, so I decided to just man up and grind some more. And oh my gosh - I've reborn like a phoenix. I've grinded back to green numbers. Lol, what it takes is just to man up...

Today: 4235 hands (lolz, going to my top gear...), +12.04$

This month: 21309 hands, -55.62$

Hope to get to green this week... Well, just my hopes... NOOOOOO. My aim for this week - to go to green in total. I'll grind as much time as it takes, but I'll be in total month's profit this week.

Wish me luck, lol :)

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