Thursday, August 5, 2010

The micro grinder blog


I have been playing poker for about a year and I really enjoy doing that. I've been playing so many types - NLH, PLO, NLH HU, PLO HU, NLH cash, SnG and tourneys... God this is a lot of stuff. Right now I'm grinding NL5 @ Pokerstars for about 3000 hands/day by 12-tabling. Why am I creating this blog? This is why:

1. I need discipline. Seriously. Tilting is just killing me so badly...
2. Consistency. I need to play regularly and beat this game constantly.
3. Improvement. I need to get better. Really. And don't stop doing that.
4. Sharing knowledge. Everybody can share what they know and may be useful to other people. So do I. At least I hope.
5. Aim. I need to plan the future of my game.

Can't think of anything more right now. I hope this blog will be as useful for you as it should be for me. Cheers, going to play.

P.S. My inspirations is Just Grind Blog, which is created by a very good micro stakes player, who is grinding NL5 for about 800$/month (!!!!!). Sick...

P.P.S. Here are one of my recent graphs. Not too good, I guess. But it's getting better. Just need to fix my blue line, I'm calling too many on later streets (turn and river) too many times. I'm a sickly suspicious fish right now.

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