Thursday, August 12, 2010

August 11

Yeah, quite an interesting day. I admit - I was a bit lazy today and played only ~2k hands. However, I've just found 7-card Stud. It's so interesting and makes you think, obviously, a lot less variance involved. So I've tried a little bit of FL20 Stud and won a little bit (sth like 5$ in an hour). I can play higher in a month or so, because it needs a lot smaller bankroll to play and there are soooo many fishes swimming around, making calls with wtf hands and then mucking them.

Ok, to my today's results. Besides being coolered a few times with a K-high flush to an A-high and Q-high flush to a K-high with an ace on the board (that guy shipped on the river sth like 130 bb's... He had stats like 44/35 with a high aggression rate and showed K4s for a flush) it was not bad at all after yesterday. Well, now I can fight with variance by playing some Stud during my loosing sessions.

Today: 1991 hands, +18,32$

Month: 26263 hands, -67.84$

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  1. oh stud...that game makes me laugh. I should probably learn how to play first though. :(